About Us

Mpowa’s Vision

We believe in a world where energy scarcity does not exist and where every individual has the opportunity to choose energy sources that have no hidden side effects, in full respect of Health and Environment.

By reducing or eliminating economic disparities caused by the lack of access to affordable clean energy, Mpowa is focused on accelerating the decentralisation revolution in pursuit of social and environmental resilience, thereby facilitating the creation of a more just and equitable society.

Mpowa’s Mission

Our mission is to catalyse the mass adoption of new forms of clean sustainable energy and put the benefits of these technologies into the hands and pockets of consumers worldwide.

We achieve this by supporting the development and commercialisation of disruptive new clean energy technologies, ensuring that this technology cannot be corrupted by corporate monopolies or political agendas because Mpowa devices connect to a decentralized autonomous platform, with its own currency.


A Problem Solver

We contribute to solve the problems of our world, enhancing technological solutions to have an impact on our Environment and our Economy, reducing or eliminating energy scarcity and to make clean energy affordable for everyone.

A Game Changer

Our revolutionary Technology and avant-garde Platform will disrupt the existing energy system and will have a great positive impact on the society.

Technology & Innovation

Continuous research of innovation and excellence, through the exploration and practical study of new technologies in order to offer the most innovative and most efficient products and solutions.

Respect For The Environment

Our products are 100% recyclable, not harmful for the human health nor for the Environment, and are designed with a very long lifespan therefore limiting the amount of useless waste, with the least environmental footprint from supply chain to delivery and operation.