The Mpowa platform connects a wide variety of technologies to a single decentralised digitally tokenised energy ecosystem, be that domestic consumers, electric vehicle drivers, businesses or even individual electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets. The possibilities are almost endless.

The Mpowa Platform is a Decentralised Autonomous platform that provides an innovative, tokenised supply chain of energy based on proprietary hardware and software technologies

The Platform manage and connect all Mpowa Energy Units to the blockchain, where supply and consumption are logged and controlled. Energy is tokenised and price is pegged to a stablecoin to counter volatility.

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The Mpowa users (the “Mpowerers”) will be able to use clean, infinite, reliable low-cost energy, produced through the MPOWA’s devices, payable in tokens, and that generates data that can only be monetised by the owner.

Mpowa is developing a number of tokens for our DAO ecosystem including a Utility token, Security token, Data token and Governance token for the management of the platform.

The Platform is expected to be running by 2021, please Contact Us for more information.