Mpowa’s Technology Overview Of Capabilities

At high level the Mpowa platform is comprised of a number of layers from the user interface DAPP layer, through the DAO ecosystem (platform services, business operations, financial management / tokenisation, and physical blockchain layer).

Financial Management

This layer deals with all financial flows into and out of the platform in terms of tokenization for the energy utility, security and data tokens. Most likely Enterprise Ethereum blockchain.

Business Process Layer

This is implemented in Polkadot Substrate and is in effect the core operational engine of the Mpowa DAO. Here we handle everything from customer account management, KYC/AML, token transactions, integration to OMS, ERP and CRM and Financial Accounting systems internally and to external 3rd party platforms, suppliers and customers.

Proprietary Physical Blockchain

This layer implements the physical carbon neutral AI/blockchain/IoT energy grid based on interconnected networks of Mpowa Omni devices arranged in a P2P trading system configuration over Holochain.

This allows for the full traceability of micro-transactions on our network, network scaling effects and for remittances, donors and NGOs, to transfer tokens to “energy credit pools” that we will establish once the network is live at scale