Platform Vision

The overall vision for Mpowa is a world of connected devices of various sorts which produce and consume energy, in some cases selling surplus energy back to the grid (where local regulations and infrastructure permit), all registered with Energy Web Chain for unique identification of the device, and metered and paid for in Mpowa cryptocurrency tokens.

The beauty of this idea is that your energy tokens are transferrable, fungible, donatable, tradable and can be used for any one of the devices that you own (Quanti, Omni, Maxi) which can all be managed via your wallet application along with all your data, reports and billing information.

Imagine being able to send power tokens to a farmer in Zambia who is running short of funds to feed his livestock, or a factory in India that got hit by financial hardship due to lost orders.

blockchain, network, technology

In a connected world where we can achieve ubiquity due to the universal appeal of the essentially free energy technologies that Mpowa will exclusively work with in our energy units, the possibilities are endless and very exciting. To cut out corruption and middlemen, provide traceability of funds and proof of impact for your charitable donations. In this way we make the world smaller, bring people together and enhance economic and social collaboration around the fundamental building block of economies: energy.